Diagnostic Services


There’s nothing more difficult for an animal lover than seeing a pet suffer. When something isn’t right with your dog or cat, you can usually tell right away, but because animals can’t talk to us, it can be difficult to determine exactly what is bothering them. Here at Animal Care Clinic, we are able to take advantage of the latest technology to deliver quick and accurate diagnostic services. Our in-house laboratory provides thorough, fast results that are often the same day. If specialized testing is needed, we are able to send samples via next day air to our reference laboratory, allowing a fast turn around for results.


Having a digital x-ray machine allows us to get images of potential injuries or areas of concern almost instantly. Digital radiography provides a level of detail far better than film x-ray, and because of this, can lead to better diagnoses. If consultation is needed with a boarded radiologist, our system can email the images directly, thus providing rapid image evaluation.

Grooming Services

If your pet and the groomer have become mortal enemies, we can help. We provide grooming services for only those pets that require sedation. Trips for grooming can be stressful and anxiety generating. This can make future grooming visits even worse. By providing sedation, your pet will be relaxed and comfortable for the entire process. Once finished, the sedation can be reversed and your pet will be ready to go home.

Emergency Services

As we’ve learned over the years, pets rarely get sick at a time that is convenient to their owners’ schedules. For those urgent matters that can occur day and night, we are happy to offer emergency services. If you need emergency help, please call us at 605-229-1691, and follow the prompts. While some emergencies are beyond the capabilities of a general practice, we will do our best to help you. If we are unable to provide any advanced emergency care your pet may need, we are able to refer you to emergency specific clinics in our region.